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I have suffered with Rheumatoid Arthritis for several years. Glenn's chair yoga class in Woking has helped me greatly. I have difficulty with floor exercises, so Glenn's chair yoga is ideal for me. My leg and arm muscles are now very much better. My neck is also more relaxed, as I do listen to Glenn's frequent reminders to drop my shoulders! Glenn is a very caring person and I do so look forward to his classes. Maureen Blackburn    

I stumbled across Glenn's chair yoga for over 60's quite by chance I have a spinal cord injury sustained following an accident in 2007.and am in a wheelchair I had considered trying yoga for some time,but found the thought quite daunting So on finding this group I had to go along .The classes are based at Moorcroft Woking & St Marys Byfleet Community Centres . It is always nerve racking going somewhere new on your own . I need not have worried the staff at both centers are welcoming , Glenn immeadiately puts you at ease with his friendly approach. I have now been attending classes for a year and find them incredibly helpful both mentally & physically. Plus you also get to meet others who enjoy the classes and are of similar ilk I would recommend them to anyone considering gentle yoga. Regardless of age (I am 50) or disability. Ann Murphy    
Glenn is a considerate, caring and knowledgable teacher. He demonstrates, observes, encourages and provides a good balance of information on philosophy and physical benefits. He creates an environment whereby you can feel comfortable to have a go at the postures no matter what level you are at. His classes are a pleasure to attend and the time always flies by. The relaxation at the end of each class is always well deserved and quite heavenly. Angie Wheeler

Since starting yoga classes with Glenn at the age of 65 I have noticed a marked improvement in my general well-being , including a flexibility and strength which I thought I would never attain again, having suffered from back problems for over thirty-five years. The meditation and relaxation techniques I have learned have helped me to cope with stressful situations, ultimately lowering my blood pressure. Glenn's classes are very relaxed, with a mix of ages and abilities which I find refreshing and he varies the content as much as possible so as not to make it monotonous. He is very aware that we all have our own strengths and weaknesses and he stresses that we should only go as far as the point where we feel comfortable in any particular posture, and not beyond. I would thoroughly recommend Glenn as a Yoga teacher. Patricia Bloomfield    

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